Why Should I pay attention to IP Portfolios?

Whether you’re trying to get more value out of your own IP portfolio or analyze another organization’s IP & technology investments, trying to get actionable insights from hundreds or thousands of patents can be a major challenge. As a result, IP is often left out of strategic planning. However, there are three major advantages for companies that understand their own IP portfolios:

  1. New Revenue 💰: Build cohesive portfolios of high-value patents to sell or license

  2. More Effective Commercialization 🚀: Identify high-growth, cross-cutting technologies in your portfolio; build strategic partnerships based on tech transfer and commercialization

  3. Better Competitive Intelligence 👀: Go beyond a company’s website and 10K to understand its technology priorities for better due diligence competitive analysis

How Tradespace Can Help

We know that most people aren't patent experts. But that doesn't mean they can't still benefit from better visibility into their IP portfolio. That's why we developed intuitive profiles for every organization with IP. Below, we have outlined a few ways you can use our organization profiles to develop internal and external technology strategies:

Visually Explore IP Portfolios

General Electric Energy Patents

Instead of looking through never-ending lists of patents, many people find it easier to visualize their IP portfolios. Using our technology taxonomy we can group an organization's portfolio into high-level technology categories. The larger the bubble, the more patents an organization has in a technology area. Bubbles that are further to the right consist of stronger patents, while clusters that are closer to the top of the chart align with high-growth technology areas.

By clicking on a cluster, you can the more specific technologies that comprise that cluster. Not only is this an easy way to explore an IP portfolio, but by targeting clusters located in the top right quadrant of the chart you can quickly surface high-potential commercialization or monetization candidates.

Analyze Technologies & Patents

If you’re trying to conduct a more systematic, quantitative, portfolio analysis you can use our top technologies table. It lets you analyze every level 1, level 2, or level 3 technology category in an organization’s portfolio using metrics like IP strength, market growth, recent patenting behavior, etc.

Emerging Technology Taxonomy

You can also focus your analysis on a particular technology area by clicking into any of the categories listed in the table. At any point, you can even view the specific patents that comprise a given technology area.

Commercialize Technology

Finally, if you want to browse an entire patent portfolio you can use our patents tab to analyze patents by IP score, geographic coverage, citations, etc.


Overall, more and more organizations are realizing that visibility into their own IP portfolios and their competitor's IP is a critical component of corporate strategy. Our organization profiles provide an intuitive way to build this visibility and translate it into actionable insights that drive new licensing revenue, improve commercialization strategy, and enable more robust competitive intelligence.

To learn more about how you can use our platform for technology scouting, technology analysis, and partner identification, visit our IP Academy. Or, get in touch with one of our team to start building a personalized scouting or commercialization strategy.

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